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Our activities as a real estate agency include the following tasks:

Finding and bringing together parties to conclude the mediation process,
Informing the customer with an average market price of similar properties,
Insight into the documents proving ownership or other right to the property in question and alerting the customer to the obvious deficiencies and risks related to the property, property rights or other rights of third parties in the property,
Perform the necessary actions in order to present (presentation) real estate market and to advertise the property in a proper way,
Provide an overview of real estate,
Mediate in the negotiations and try to reach the conclusion of the contract,
Keep personal information to the customer and according to the written order of a customer to keep confidential information about the property being mediated or related to the property or business for which mediate
If the subject of the contract land, checking purposes the land in accordance with the regulations on spatial planning related to the land,

Broker's commission for sale, purchase, exchange, lease and rental of real estate. Real estate agencies are required to charge a commission.
The commission is charged as a percentage of the total the purchase price.
Agency commission when selling property (paid by the seller): 2-4%, but not less than 5000 kn.
Agency commission when purchasing real estate (paid by the buyer): 1-3%.

RENT and lease / rent
 Percentage of monthly rent
100% Minimum
150% for the lease or rental of more than one year

When exchanging real estates through the agency, commission is paid by each party in the exchange, a percentage is calculated from the value of the property involved in the exchange: 2-3%

Login owner with utility companies (heating, water, electricity, telephone, utilities, ..): 400 kn / utility company

VAT tax of 25% on all prices is applicable on all commission.