About us
DELTA CENTER d.o.o. real estate agency

Headquarters: Brace Domany 2, Zagreb

Office: Jurišićeva 19 - Rotonda center, ext 504, Zagreb

OIB: 78191049229

MBS: 080592591

Competent court: Commercial Court in Zagreb

Share capital: 50,000.00, paid in full

CEO: Igor Cerne

Bank account 2484008-1104007044 at Raiffeisen Bank dd Zagreb

Phone: 01/4817794

Fax: 01/4817794

Hours: Monday-Friday: 9h30-17h30, Saturday: by appointment.
Delta Center d.o.o. is a licensed real estate agency, based on the decision of the Ministry of economy to perform real estate brokerage, issued by the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Registration Number Date 84 / 2009th

Number of decisions on eligibility: Class: UP/I-330-01/09-01/1144; Ur.br :526-05-01-01 / 2-09-2.

Licensed Agent: Igor Cerne, registration number: 645/2009.

Insurance companies: Generali Insurance Company

Delta Center provides a complete service to clients who are looking to buy or sell property.
Our working principle is to act professionally and to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.
We are located in the city center in Jurisiceva street, our team includes licensed agents, and we cooperate with law firms specialized in the field of real estate.